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President and Executive Director

Myrna Fragoso

Myrna Fragoso brings over 20 years of experience working with Latino families in the area of parental involvement. Mrs. Fragoso has collaborated with various private, public, not-for-profit and governmental organizations to provide hundreds of workshops for the Chicago Public Schools and coordinated State wide parent conferences focused on the education of the Latino family.

Director of Immigration Services

Natividad Hernandez

Natividad Hernandez has spent the past twenty years assisting thousands of Latino immigrants in becoming legal residents and U.S. citizens. She is accredited by the Immigration Board of Appeals.


Education Coordinator
Myriam Leila Rey

Executive Assistant &
Director of Special Projects

Melissa Gracia

ESL Teacher
Adriana Vera


Immigration Case Worker
Maria Rodriguez

Citizenship Case Manager
Vanessa Gracia

Administrative Assistant
Esthela Rubio

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