Student Programs

Resources Invested in School Enrichment

Currently, our student programs are all offered through a multidisciplinary component under the name of RISE (Resources Invested in School Enrichment). RISE is a partnership with 5 local elementary and 2 high schools, a five-year grant program from the Illinois State Board of Education and U.S. Department of Education. Through a variety of after school programming RISE Academy’s objective is to support students, parents, and community members in their academic and personal growth. Creating an involved, informed, and empowered school community is our ultimate goal. These goals are accomplished through the following components:CARES was established in 2011 with the purpose of enriching students’ capacity to use the arts as a tool for community engagement, to make interdisciplinary connections and become active ‘makers.’ CARES seeks to encourage active citizenship through the arts, not only for arts sake but art for the sake of culture, family and community.

Past Programs

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