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  1. Road to Academic Success
  2. Helping our Children Learn Effectively
  3. Expanding our Children’s Vocabulary
  4. Enriching our Children’s Writing Skills
  5. Helping our Children with Reading (Levels I & II)
  6. Helping our Children with Homework
  7. Helping our Children Succeed on Tests
  8. Helping our Children with Mathematics (Levels I, II, III, IV & V)
  9. Taking Care of the Environment
  10. The World of Science: How To Engage Children
  11. Science Projects: The Scientific Method
  12. Effective Parent-Teacher Conferences
  13. Learning Styles: Auditory, Visual, and Tactile
  14. Guiding our Children to College
  15. The Academic Standards


  1. Summer Educational Activities
  2. Raising Responsible and Successful Children
  3. Talking with our Children about Sexuality
  4. Our Role as Parents
  5. Fostering Discipline Within the Family
  6. Children and Technology Use
  7. The Family Dynamic
  8. Instilling Basic Values in our Children
  9. Communicating with our Children
  10. Spending Quality Time with our Children
  11. Common Mistakes that we Make as Parents
  12. Language Barriers: How to Help Our Children
  13. The Self-Esteem of Our Children
  14. Conflict Resolution Within Families


  1. Raising Healthy and Successful Children
  2. Alzheimer’s Disease
  3. Stress Management
  4. Understanding Diabetes
  5. Diabetes
  6. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  7. Fostering Healthy and Prosperous Communities
  8. Eating Healthy: Obesity Prevention
  9. Breast Cancer
  10. Cervical cancer
  11. Comprehensive Health and Family
  12. Getting to Know my Body:
    a.  The Kidneys
    b.  The Heart
    c.  The Lungs
    d.  The Brain
    e.  The Liver
    f.  The Stomach
    g.  The Pancreas & Spleen
    h.  The Reproductive Organs: Female and Male
    i.  The Circulatory System
    j.  The Skeletal System

Personal Development

  1. Learning to Love Ourselves
  2. Adult Self-Esteem
  3. Living a Positive Life
  4. Time Management: Increasing Effectiveness to Accomplish One’s Goals
  5. Communication
    a.  Effective and Healthy Communication
    b.  Communication Within the Family

Social Issues

  1. Changes in Immigration Laws
  2. Alcohol and Drug Use
  3. Prevention
  4. Treatments
  5. Bullying
  6. Prevention
  7. Resources
  8. Gang Activity
    a. Prevention
    b. Resources
  9. Mistreatment of Children
  10. Domestic Violence
  11. Teen Violence

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