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Frida Kahlo Community Organization (FKCO) offers a variety of health education and prevention awareness workshops and seminars that give individuals the tools that they need to lead healthier lives. FKCO founded a “Promotoras de Salud” (Health Promoters) program.

The Promotoras de Salud are a group of community health educators, that receive rigorous professional development through the University of Illinois at Chicago, that educate parents on the importance of leading healthier lives. FKCO specializes in the following areas:


FKCO offers a series of eight workshops on diabetes prevention and treatment. The workshops are structured in a way that encourages individuals to understand their body, understand diabetes and its various risk factors, self-monitor one’s diabetes, increase physical activity, and eat healthier. There is further training on identifying and preventing complications associated with diabetes, understanding the functions of medication and the importance of medical care, and on the emotional effects associated with living with diabetes.

Breast and Cervical Cancer

FKCO offers programming that educates individuals on the definition of cancer, risk factors, early detection of breast cancer through self-exams, and regular medical exams and symptoms associated with breast and cervical cancer, as well as the treatments available. FKCO also offers information on various community resources and support centers.

Health and Nutrition: The Basics

The Promotoras de Salud offer training on leading healthier lives by paying closer attention to one’s diet. Participants are trained on the food groups, portion control, how to read food labels, and the importance of eating breakfast, among other topics. These presentations address the common misconceptions regarding healthy eating and provide useful tips to supporting a healthier lifestyle, such as making traditional recipes healthier and food substitution suggestions.

Project FIT


With the ultimate goal of creating healthier and well-rounded communities, Project FIT seeks to build and empower school and home environments that value education, culture, dance, nutrition & wellness. Through the collaboration of school leaders, teachers and families we hope to serve as a model of successful, active and healthier communities.

Project FIT is a physical education, health and nutrition program created and developed by Frida Kahlo Community Organization (FKCO) and its primary partners, the National Museum of Mexican Art and Cooper, Perez, Sandoval and Hurley elementary schools. Project FIT has three components:

  1. After School Student Activities Program;
  2. Teacher Professional Development (PD) Program;
  3. Parent Health and Nutrition Workshop Program.

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