Adult Education

Due to the pandemic, all of our workshops are being offered virtually.

Frida Provides parents the opportunity to learn about themselves and the education of their children. This improves their quality of life and enables them to better participate in the educational process of their children. We do this through different types of workshops and trainings.

Personal Development
We all face obstacles in our daily lives, but how we face and choose to overcome these obstacles are determined by our motivation, attitude and ability to meet those challenges. To face these challenges we need the self-esteem, self-control, consistency, strength, and enthusiasm that are developed in the first few years of life in the home. Educating families to better tackle their obstacles and enabling them to improve their self-esteem, self-control, and attitude will shape the way in which they educate their children and allow them to become healthy and successful members of their communities. Parents provide their children with the tools that they will need to overcome daily challenges and to achieve the goals they set for themselves in life. These trainings educate parents on ways to improve their attitude, how to change their outlook on life, and how to instill positive self-images in their children.

Social Issues
Modern society is faced with numerous social problems, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, stress and alcoholism, and immigration issues to name a few. These problems not only aect the individuals involved, but also their entire families and communities. Families are filled with suffering because they lack the support they need to seek help. FKCO helps these families by providing education that allows families to identify these social issues and where to seek help from various community partners. If we educate our families today, we can prevent these problems from getting worse in the future. In fact, the suffering will decrease and the quality of life for families will improve.

English as a Second Language
In our eort to transition parents into mainstream education, FKCO oers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Current courses are divided into two levels and run two and a half hours per day, two days per week, for twelve weeks. Students who have advanced English skills receive referrals to community-based organizations (CBO) and the City Colleges of Chicago for advanced instruction. Instructors use a variety of techniques, lessons, and activities, to engage and prepare parents to communicate in English in everyday situations.

Health and Awareness
We offer a variety of health education and prevention awareness workshops and seminars for diabetes, and breast and cervical cancer that give individuals the tools that they need to lead healthier lives. Our Health and Awareness educators belong to an FKCO founded program called “Promotoras de Salud” (Health Promoters). These are a group of community health educators, that receive rigorous professional development through the University of Illinois at Chicago, that educate parents on the importance of leading healthier lives.

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