Adult Education

Workshop ListDownload Due to the pandemic, our current workshop offerings are limited and only offered virtually.
Adult Education has always been one Frida’s main focuses. By offering adult education, we hope to empower our community so that it may keep progressing.  We have various sites throughout the city which offer ESL, Computer literacy and STEAM classes for adults in the community and no cost. It is important that we help further develop the educational skills of those in our community because they open doors to better employment opportunities, improve our quality of life, enable us to strive for excellence, and create opportunities to become involved in matters that concern our community, state, country, and the world in general and so we may improve as human beings and contribute to the education of new generations. Besides on-going adult education, Frida offers a full range of workshops to help parents in our communities be their children’s #1 tool for success.  All of our themes offered fall under one of four categories: Academic Success, Family Discipline, Nutrition and Physical Fitness and Visual Arts.  All of these help participants gain knowledge in areas necessary to their child’s development.  All workshops can be offered in English or Spanish number of participant limits vary per theme.  For more information or to book a workshop, please contact Gisela Reyes at 773-650-4915 or send an email to
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